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Course Description

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Course Brief


       So far, the Institute has integrated excellent domestic financial and management education resources and conducted or will conduct the following training courses:

     Courses organized for executives of various financial institutions include "Series Training Courses for Improving the Quality and Ability of Bank Executives", "Training Course for Pawn Executives", "Introductory Microfinance Course: Basic Business Process and Loan Skill Improvement", "Intermediate Microfinance Course: Skills for Investigating and Testing Customers' Financial and Non-financial Information", and "Advanced Microfinance Course: Comprehensive Management of Executives of Microfinance Companies".

        Courses organized for executives of various small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) include "Course on Financing Guarantee and SME Financing Channels", "Training Course on SME Financing Practical Operation for Presidents", and "SME Financing and Listing Operation Training".

      Courses organized for executives of various large-scale conglomerates include "Training Course on Enterprise Finance Strategic Management for Presidents", "Training Course on Enterprise Management Internationalization for Presidents", "Advanced Training Course on Group Management and Control for Presidents", "Advanced Training Course on Economic Management Internationalization for Presidents", "Advanced Training Course on Resource Integration and Business Model Innovation", and "Training Course on Enterprise Strategic Management and Decision-making for Presidents".

       The training courses are characterized by the focus on case studies and discussions and in-depth interaction between lecturers and trainees, and between trainees in forms of private board of directors and salon based on the lecturers' representation. During the training, typical management difficulties facing several trainees' enterprises are selected as cases. Each trainee can analyze and give their insightful views on the cases based on course knowledge and their own enterprise practical situations. Finally, a feasible solution is proposed for each of the above-mentioned enterprises.

      Moreover, during this period, trainees are arranged to visit excellent enterprises and to conduct industrial experience exchanges and interactive discussions on site. The Institute provides consulting centering on financial services. Based on the view of financial reform operation, the mentor team provides well-targeted diagnostic analysis for trainees and analyzes the function and functional mechanism for the market to facilitate enterprise growth and innovation. By combining advanced capital operation concepts of Western enterprises with the practical situations of Chinese enterprises, the mentor team helps managers of the domestic financial institutions and various enterprises especially SME and private enterprises comprehensively and systematically understand and master the institutional rules and related operation and management process of financial reforms, resolve difficulties high-efficiently, and improve the capital operation capability of enterprises in accordance with national financial management requirements and legal rule framework on enterprises. The institute strives to facilitate bank-enterprise cooperation and build a high-end development platform.