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Institute Profile

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Founded on August 12, 2014, Hainan Sino Institute of Finance (hereinafter referred to as the Institute) is a private non-degree higher education and training institution established with the approval of the Chinese government. It is established with sole investment from an investment consulting company with the background of the large multinational enterprise of Hainan Airlines Group (HNA Group). The Institute sets up teaching bases in Sanya Aviation and Tourism College and Haikou College of Economics in Hainan Province, and fully enjoys the modern colleges' public education resources by relying on their teaching equipment.

   The Institute is under the operation and management of Hainan Chengyi Management Consultancy Co., Ltd.  (hereinafter referred to as “Chengyi”), an experienced professional organization which has been engaged in enterprise management consulting and training service on a long-term basis. As the exclusively-licensed training organization in Hainan Province designated by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, Chengyi has successfully introduced and implemented, for Hainan Province, the training programs for international qualification certifications identified by International Public Management Association for Human Resources (IPMA-HR), the E-IPMA and the American Marketing Association (AMA) and Business Marketing Institute (BMI). By providing customers with high-quality services and constantly maintaining close partnerships with customers, Chengyi has realized specialized, professionalized, standardized and normalized management of brand services, established the corporate culture and core competitiveness, and won successive honors in 2006, 2007 and 2008, including One of the Annual Top Ten Influential Brands in Chinese Management Consulting Industry, the Annual Most Satisfactory Brand for Management Consulting Customers in China, One of the Most Influential Top Ten Brands in Chinese Management Consulting Industry, the Annual Leading Enterprise of the Service Industry in Hainan Province, the Annual Brand Organization of Chinese Training Industry, etc. Chengyi has been extensively praised, highly recognized and actively participated by extensive customers and all walks of life for its management consulting, international business consulting, enterprise management internal training, occupational qualification authentication and training, Chengyi Management Renowned Personnel Forum large-scale expert face-to-face teaching classic series of courses and Chengyi standardized outward development, as well as nearly a hundred types of colorful training courses specially designed to fulfill needs of different customers. Chengyi has facilitated the Institute’s development by providing precious operation and management experience and a profound customer base.

   The Institute aims to build a course system integrating industry and finance based on the lastest achievements in the modern finance and enterprise management fields. Specifically, it integrates financial wisdom like bank-enterprise cooperation, industry-finance integration, and wealth appreciation, comprehensively analyzes investment and financing tools, reveals the wealth secret of industry development and wealth growth, and forms a consensus among industry leaders. Moreover, it accumulates financial competitive strength, cultivates a financial learning field, grasps the development trend of finance, and builds an international financial think-tank for regional development, a platform for elite exchanges, as well as a cradle for industrial and financial leaders in the "new area" economy.

  With various domestic conglomerates and financial institutions as the target groups, the Institute mainly provides enterprises and financial institutions with professional internal training, as well as optimized management and consulting. It has established good relationships with multiple important institutions including the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC), China Institute for Reform and Development (CIRD), All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce (ACFIC), Shenzhen Entrepreneur Association, Shanghai Enterprises Operating Manager Association, and Hainan Industrial Economic Institute.

  The Institute receives professional guidance from the China Banking Association and China Enterprise Culture Improvement Association. Following the principle of strict selection of the best, both domestic and overseas financial experts and professors with extensive teaching experience are invited as mentors. Domestic mentors are senior experts from national financial regulators, various financial institutions, and famous universities such as Peking University, Renmin University of China, and Central University of Finance and Economics.

   In international cooperation, the leader of the Institute has clearly seen the shift of Chinese "Going Global" from the wave of studying abroad 30 years ago to the second wave of active overseas direct investment conducted by Chinese enterprises nowadays. This new wave will strongly drive the development of China's politics, economy, and society in the next 20 years. To ride with this wave, relying on its abundant domestic customer and training resources, the Institute is devoted to establishing close cooperative relationships with internationally renowned R&D and educational institutions, financial institutions, and industry-leading enterprises, introducing international professionals, excellent training systems and training courses to China, and making contributions to the cultivation of Chinese industry elites with international strategic vision and operation and management experience. Meanwhile, the Institute is committed to building a cooperation platform for Chinese enterprises and international partners to carry out international cooperation, and convoying the internationalization of Chinese enterprises.

   The Institute innovates in the financial training system and designs a complete and clear training system for trainees with a more open mind. It aims to provide richer training contents and levels to meet various demands of trainees including practical use, personal development, contacts expanding, broader vision, and more value gaining. Under the guidance of this complete training system, trainees can progress layer by layer.

    In its entire training plan, the Institute facilitates the shift from what trainees learned from the training to the practice through the following four aspects:
           — Enterprise themed course
       With the trainees' own enterprises as the course base, the learning group conducts theoretical and case studies by integrating the latest achievements in modern operation and management, participates in exploration and discussion, comprehends the profound in simple terms and analyzes examples layer by layer under the guidance of the team of professors and experts, and finally proposes effective action plans and decision-making suggestions.

     — Competition simulation course
          This course integrates management knowledge imparted from class and simulates a real competitive business environment for the trainees to flexibly apply strategic analysis, planning, and tools. In this way, the trainees can truly digest, learn from practical experience, get enlightened in exchanges, and temper their thinking capacity and apprehensiveness. 

      — Studying visit and exchange course
         This course leads trainees to renowned financial institutions and top enterprises at home and abroad so that they can listen to professional reports of the visited enterprises. Through industry visits, cultural inspection, learning and exchanges, and dialogs between elites in circles of industry, finance, and politics, the course aims to help the new generation of industrial and financial leaders broaden their horizons, increase knowledge, and establish global thinking mode and innovative concept of multi-angle finance.

     — Live and learn
       After all courses are completed, the trainees also need to participate in high-end schoolmate circles held by the Institute including renowned personnel forums, financing and wealth forums, and private board of directors so that they can expand their industry-finance transboundary contacts and learn from others' advantages for their own purposes based on this platform.